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Tips for Bringing Kids to the Dentist

Kid at the dentist
Going to the dentist can be intimidating for adults and children alike. Sometimes, getting your kids to go to the dentist can be difficult. Luckily, there are a few useful tips you can use to help your child overcome a fear of the dentist, including:
Start Early

First, start taking your kids to the dentist when they are young, and go back for frequent checkups. If a trip to the dental office is a rare or unusual event, it’s easy for small children to become unnerved or scared. By exposing them to the dentist early and frequently, you can teach them that there’s nothing to fear.
Be Positive

Next, avoid telling your child too much about what will happen during the visit. If they’re going to be receiving a shot, don’t tell them that it’s going to hurt a little, instead, tell them that the dentist will be giving them medicine to make their mouth healthier. Stay positive and upbeat.
Don’t Negotiate

Don’t try to bribe your children. If you promise them a treat in exchange for good behavior, they’ll realize that there’s a reason they might not want to behave, which can increase their apprehension. In addition, candy after a dental visit can send mixed messages.
Set Examples

Finally, be a good example. If you get nervous at the dentist’s office, don’t tell them so. Show them how to be brave and healthy. To schedule an appointment with our children's dentist, contact Joseph M. Perry – D.D.S. P.A. today.